Aloha! I am the president of Wendy Roberts Design and I’ve been serving clients since 2006. After earning a four-year fine arts degree and working with other multimedia firms for a few years, I established my company in Colorado (as you might discern by my phone number), continued the business in Boston for three years, and then finally moved to Hawaii in 2010 where I plan to live and work permanently.

After successfully establishing and maintaining my own business, as well as helping numerous others from start-up to expansion, I understand what it takes to start and run a small business. The discipline, strategy, and persistence involved in carving out a niche in the world of commerce are familiar territory to me. Now I strive to help others establish their business presence, providing a personalized approach to help market each client’s skills and/or products. From designing a logo with the right message, to executing different marketing strategies, the entire process is a satisfying challenge. It is exciting when a client’s new business starts to thrive, or when the sales of their product outpace the ability to make it fast enough!

I believe every business is different. An artisan might sell their work on Etsy to a nationwide audience, but that approach will not work for a service-oriented business that needs to target a given region. Some businesses should attend trade shows or farmer’s markets, while others might be more successful promoting themselves through a blog. I enjoy helping businesses transition from an idea to a reality. The nature of various products and services dictate widely different approaches to reach the target audiences, and no two businesses will follow the same path to success.

Of course, not all my clients are new businesses. Often, well-established, reliable companies come to me with problems on their website. Sometimes they don’t have one, and their clients have noticed (and grumbled about it), other times their prior designer cannot or will not make needed changes on their website. I also commonly get requests to modernize a plain or out of date company image. Refreshing a business image without losing the existing recognition is often one of the most delicate yet interesting tasks.

I have encountered virtually every design scenario possible, and I hope to bring this experience to help you establish a site that is beautiful, well-organized, and easy to use with the goals of your specific business in mind.